Massage Therapy

Erin Susan Parks, our resident massage therapist, is available Tuesday through
Saturday by appointment. She can be reached at (404) 664-7890.

Erin offers the following sessions: (Gift Certificates are available for all sessions)

Integrative Aromatherapy Massage

An integrative aromatherapy massage is a session using pure aromatherapy essential oils. Each massage is custom-designed for your needs, employing the following modalities:

($75/hr., $100/1.5hrs) Series of massages: $375/6hrs. (Six hours for the price of five)

Swedish Massage – Classic massage using long, flowing strokes to induce deep relaxation.

Deep-Tissue Massage – A more intense style of massage that addresses contraction patterns in the deeper layers of the musculature.

Cranio-Sacral Balancing – A gentle and extremely relaxing form of energy balancing that gives the body space and encouragement to self-correct.

Foot Reflexology – The application of pressure to specific points on the feet, combined with relaxing and calming strokes, which helps the body to relax, release toxins, and unblock "stuck" energy. Each session ends with a pure aromatherapy mist.

“A massage with Erin is a gift I treasure. My time on her table is one of the true pleasures of my life. She not only massages my muscles with intuitive skill, she attends my spirit with her tranquil presence.”  - Kathy Stilwell

“Tension and pain melt away like old memories in Erin’s capable hands. She seems to know intuitively where the pain is and how to smooth it away. - Stephen Walker

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

An aromatherapy massage with foot reflexology that addresses the specific physical challenges of the woman in her childbearing year. This type of massage is especially welcome at a time of sweeping body changes when medication is discouraged. I have advanced certification in pregnancy and postpartum massage and am a member of The National Association of Pregnancy Massage Therapists. (NAPMT) Each pregnancy massage ends with an aromatherapy mist and a brief reading from the book "Mother's Nature: Timeless Wisdom for the Journey Into Motherhood".

($75/hr., $100/1.5hrs.) Series of Pregnancy Massages: $260/4hrs. (A $40 discount for multiple visits)

"Whenever I learn that a friend is pregnant I tell her, 'You HAVE to get a pregnancy massage with Erin.' My sessions with her were the only thing that made me feel truly comfortable during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters." - Renee Sgrosso

Foot Reflexology

A complete one hour session which works all of the energy points of the feet, body system by body system. A special blend of ancient healing oils – frankincense, myrrh, and spikenard – is used. To finish, your feet are wrapped in warm towels, followed by a scalp and ear massage, and an aromatherapy facial mist.

($65/hr) Series of Foot Reflexology Sessions $325/6hrs. (Six sessions for the price of five)

"If you don't like having your whole body touched, see Erin Parks. She can "touch it " via the best foot reflexology in the whole world." - Millie Coleman

Specialty Massages:

The Ultimate Combo ($135/2hrs.)

When you feel the need for serious attention and relaxation for your overtaxed body. A two-hour session that begins with a full foot reflexology session and transitions into a full integrative aromatherapy massage.

The Goddess Massage ($150/2hrs.)

Step into the goddess energy! A bodywork experience connecting you to your inner divinity, this two hour session consists of a chakra integration using vibrational aromatherapy synergies, a full reflexology session, an integrative aromatherapy massage, and ending with a goddess story and reading from the Amulets of the Goddess divination system. Put this on your list of "Things I Must Experience". *Please note: The Goddess Massage can be safely adjusted for the special needs of pregnant women.

What the Press Says:
“In creating The Goddess Massage, Ms. Parks has tapped into the wealth of skills she has amassed over the past two decades and coupled it with a deep desire to empower women. The culmination is a deeply intuitive, altogether original bodywork experience unequalled in Atlanta, or elsewhere.”

Suzanne Wright, from the article
“Bring Out The Goddess In All Women”
Aquarius Magazine, July 2003

Home Visits - the Ultimate Way to Enjoy a Massage

Home visits are available within a 10-mile radius of my office in Historic Roswell for a surcharge of $60 to the in-office price, i.e. $135/hr, $165/1.5hrs., etc. No discounts for home visits.

Please call (404) 664-7890 or email liberatingeloquence@gmail.com to schedule an
appointment or to purchase a gift certificate.