All Levels Yoga

Welcome all students! Explore a variety of poses while moving at a moderate pace. Focus will be on alignment, breath, balance, strength & flexibility. Each class includes connected pose sequences as well as deepening into the stillness of poses. Modifications and options will be given to students new to yoga as well as more experienced practitioners

Yoga Basics

Welcome all students! Learn foundational yoga poses with emphasis on alignment and pose formation. Explore a variety of seated, standing & reclined poses with slow transitions to support gentle unwinding and stress reduction. Balance your body and mind as you gain flexibility & strength.

Gentle Yoga
Welcome beginners as well as experienced yoga students. Learn basic yoga poses to promote mobility and healing. Gain flexibility and strength while slowly moving into the poses and being mindful of your breath and balance. The use of props and modifications will allow your body to respond with awareness and ease.
Intermediate Yoga

Welcome experienced yoga students! Move to the next level with more challenging poses and flows. Appropriate for students who have been practicing yoga and want to develop a greater refinement in their practice. Explore flow sequences, forward bends, back bends, balances, twists and inversions. Explore deeper breath-work and meditation. This class is NOT appropriate for beginners.

Restorative Yoga

Welcome all students! Unwind in this slower yoga practice using the support of blankets, bolsters & blocks. Reset and calm your nervous system and allow for deep release in each pose for 2-5 minutes. Enjoy deep guided relaxations to reduce stress and release physical, mental & emotional tension while you open your breath.

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