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Gentle Yoga & Energy Balancing



Support Your Self Care with Personalized 
Private Sessions offered by Terri O'Connor

​Unwind and Release Physical & Energetic Tensions


Yoga poses and breathing practices reduce physical, mental & emotional tension and restore natural energetic flow. Terri meets each body where it is, creating a custom sequence of gentle and supported yoga poses to decompress your body, mind & emotions. With the use of blocks and blankets for support, yoga sessions consist of active and passive poses to release, strengthen, lengthen and realign your physical body. Guided Meditation and visualization are also offered to support inner peace and relaxation. Learn how to live in your body with ease and understanding. 

No previous yoga experience needed.

Receive & Restore! Integrative Energetic Medicine is the art and science of listening into the subtleties of the energy fields that surround our physical body with the intention to restore distortions and imbalances caused by stress.
The restoration of energy fields can revitalize your body, bringing a renewed sense of flow and vitality, enhancing your body's ability to heal itself. Energy balancing can also be instrumental in relieving mental and emotional tension so good health and well-being can be re-established. Energy balancing sessions support you in returning to inner calm and a natural state of being. 

Single 1 hour Sessions - $115 - Personalized Yoga and/or Energy Balancing

Combo 2 hour Session - $200 - Yoga and Energy Balancing - Combined are complimentary for physical and energetic alignment.

Contact Terri to schedule an appointment -

or 404-434-3542


Terri O'Connor, Owner of Plum Tree Yoga since 2001, Registered Yoga Teacher

500 hour with Yoga Alliance and Graduate of White Winds Institute of Energetic Medicine in Atlanta GA. 

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