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from Erin Susan Parks, LMT


For years I kept a sticky note on my desk that read, “I wonder how this is perfect?”


2020 gave me ample opportunity to assess this question as change after change rolled in.


In March I headed to Denver with our 84 year old mother to shelter with family.  Since then, after assessing our needs and considering the future, we have decided to relocate to Denver. 


This was not a decision I took lightly. I have spent almost three decades in Atlanta, serving my clients and community and building cherished relationships.  At this point in my life, and after the craziness of the last year, being close to the love and support of my family has become my top priority.


This decision requires that I leave my chosen family in Atlanta, which tugs at my heart.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you, my clients at Plum Tree Yoga, and it has been a joy and a journey to work with the amazing instructors and healers of Plum Tree Yoga for almost two decades.  The outstanding leadership of Terri O’Connor throughout the years has created a community that has touched my life forever.  


Plum Tree Yoga has gone through its own transformation this year and I wish everyone continued success and joy in its next phase and beyond.


I am happy to refer my clients to Maggie Sharenko, LMT of Radiant Physique, Inc. in Roswell.  Maggie has spent several years teaching at The Atlanta School of Massage, where she was the Massage Program Director, as well as the liaison between ASM and Emory University for their clinical trials to study the biological benefits of massage therapy. She is a very talented massage therapist and has introduced other massage therapists to her practice to serve you. 


Contact Maggie and her Team of Licensed Massage Therapists - 404.333.7339 or


Her Facebook page can be found at:


I wish you all peace and happiness as the journey continues.


Please feel free to stay in touch with me at 404.664.7890 or


If you find yourself headed to Denver, give me a holler.


Much love and may

we all BE WELL!




The journey continues...the clouds at dusk in my new neighborhood 

Massage at Plum Tree Yoga
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