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Yoga is the golden key than unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy

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Yoga for Every Body
Regardless of your age, health, size, shape or fitness level, there is a class for you!  Each and every pose can be modified or deepened based on what your body needs on that specific day.

If you have specific injuries or limitations, be sure to share that information with your teacher prior to class - they can help you move through the postures comfortably and safely. 
Start at the Beginning! If you are new to yoga, regardless of your physical condition, start with the Gentle & Introductory levels to learn the poses and specific alignments. You can then advance at your own pace or remain at the Gentle & Introductory levels indefinitely.

Need help choosing a class? Please contact us to find a class that best suits your fitness level and needs

The Benefits of Yoga Follow You off the Mat

Improves: Mental Clarity, Strength and Flexibility, Sleep Quality, Lung Capacity, Cardio and Circulatory Health, Posture and Back Pain, Overall Energy and General Outlook on Life

Decrease: Stress, Insomnia, Back Pain, Stiff Muscles, Joint Pain, Risk of Injury, Chronic Stress Patterns,
Headaches, and Grouchiness

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